Me, myself and I

Alexander Reelsen


I am a Software Engineer living in Munich, working for elasticsearch, author of the Play Framework Cookbook (check the samples). I do like hacking on different stuff. I feel comfortable with modern tools like Play Framework, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Web, Linux, Concurrency and JavaScript. On bad days I try out GUI stuff. I keep losing.
Below is a list of my presentations. If you want me to give a talk, contact me.


Using Spark with Groovy and JRebel

This post explains how to use the spark java web framework with groovy and jrebel for rapid prototyping. The sample code for spark-groovy is on github, along with a spark groovy jrebel plugin.


Elasticsearch FST suggester plugin

An implementation of the Lucene FST Suggester in elasticsearch.


Katamari is a Web Server and a Middleware Framework inspired by Rack (Ruby), Connect.js (Node.js), WSGI (Python) and Ring (Clojure). The asynchronous part is handled by Netty. And it is polyglot: written in Java with bindings for other languages (currently only Ruby). Nicolas Merouze is leading the project and I am helping where I can.

Elasticsearch Date Histogram Facetgrapher

An elasticsearch site plugin using d3.js and nvd3.js to graph date histogram facets.

Elasticsearch streaming JSON river

An elasticsearch river importing streaming JSON data (sample implementation to extend).

Dropwizard quartz integration

Small addon to dropwizard in order to integrate the quartz scheduler with it.


Elasticsearch - Search made easy

An introduction into search and analytics in general, alongside with pointing out, how elasticsearch can help for your concrete implementation. Held at NoSQL roadshow munich and JUG Augsburg (Video available as well).


Elasticsearch - introduction & plugin development

An introduction into elasticsearch including a code deep dive how to write plugins. Held at Smarchive (thx for inviting me!).

Using dropwizard with MongoDB

A short introduction into dropwizard in combination with MongoDB. Held at the Berlin Expert Days Conference.

Elasticsearch - Search made easy for (web) developers

A long introduction into elasticsearch, made with reveal.js. Held at the Java User Group Munich and the Berlin Expert Days Conference.


Elasticsearch - Introduction

A ten minute introduction at the Webmontag Munich November, hold in front of a mainly non-technical crowd.

Play Framework Introduction

An introductory presentation about the play framework held in October 2011 at TNG technologies in Munich. Thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to talk.

Play Framework - A look inside the machine room

This presentation tries to go further than the standard introductory presentations and takes a look in the inner works of the play framework. This presentation was held at the Play!Ground event in Rotterdam in September. Thanks to Peter Hilton and Lunatech for inviting me!


Play Framework Introduction

An introductory presentation about the play framework held in June 2010 at the Java User Group Munich.